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At our website, we take great pride in offering our customers a range of high-quality, fermented perfumes that are completely natural such as saffron and free from chemicals and alcohol. Our perfumes are aged for over a year to ensure that they are of the highest quality and purity.
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Skin  Caution

Due our fermented perfumes. We recommend that you apply the perfume to a small area of your skin first to ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients. If you experience any redness or itching after applying the perfume, we advise that you stop using it immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. We are committed to providing our customers with safe and high-quality products, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in using our fermented perfumes responsibly.


Due to the natural ingredients used in our perfumes, such as saffron, it is important to note that the natural color of the perfume is a shade of yellow-orange. This means that it may leave a paint mark on light-colored or white clothing. We recommend using our perfume on black-colored clothing to prevent any staining or discoloration. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and advice, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in using our natural perfumes responsibly.

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