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For Grams to Tola:

  • 1 tola ≈ 11.66 grams (approximately)

To convert from grams to tola, you can use the formula:
Tola = Grams 11.66 Tola = 11.66 Grams​.

For Milliliters to Tola (for liquid substances):

  • 1 tola of liquid is approximately equivalent to 10 milliliters (approximately)

To convert from milliliters to tola for liquid substances:
Tola (liquid) = Milliliters 10 Tola (liquid) = 10 Milliliters​.

Throughout history,

Measures like the tola, weighing approximately 11.66 grams, held dual importance as both a weight and a unit determining the value of precious metals. These standardized weights played a vital role in trade by assessing the worth of goods. They formed the foundation for fair transactions and trade agreements, showcasing the strong link between weight and value in commerce across diverse civilizations. Though modern systems have altered this direct correlation, traditional measures like the tola remain culturally significant, reflecting the enduring historical bond between weight and value in commerce.

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